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Aboutby Simon Griffin

Despite what you might think from the title of this book, I do actually like apostrophes. It’s important that people use them correctly in the same way that it’s important for people to spell correctly, or say please and thank you, or clean their shoes on a semi-regular basis. I’m in little doubt the world would go on if apostrophes disappeared off the face of it, but whilst they exist we should at least try and use them correctly.

Nor, I should add, do I wish any harm on people who misuse apostrophes. I’ve done it plenty of times myself – sometimes by accident, but also because I just couldn’t get my head around whether the market belongs to a group of farmers, or whether it’s a market for the farmers?

So that’s why I decided to write this book – a respectful frustration that no matter how simple people insisted the rules of apostrophes were, there still seemed to be a lot of confusion out there about them.

Love them, hate them, couldn’t-give-a-mother’s-tit about them, this book was my way to make some sense out of them. With a bit of bad language thrown in for added value.

With greatest of thanks to the wonderful people at Music in Manchester ( A special nod to Olly, Terry, Jon, Amy, Mike, Adam, Matt, Dave and Sue. And all those who have been kind enough to offer advice on my excessive swearing: Jo, Mum, Dad, Em, Lucy, Amy, Jon, Katri, Nicola, Chris, John, Clive and Maia.

Simon Griffin is the founder of copywriting agency Hyperbolic ( and lives with his wife and two children in Leeds. He currently has no plans to learn how to touch type and can happily write whole paragraphs without realising he’s left caps lock on.



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